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Black Lava Stone Sawn Cut 20x20cm

Breadcust volcanic bomb or also known as lava stone is a type of extrusive igneous rock-based on how they form. In the past, our ancestors often used lava stone to make sculptures. Normally, they used Black Lava Stone with smooth and non-porous textures to brings more beauty in the sculptures result.

Black Lava Stone also is known as Pedra Hitam preta is one of the most popular stones as its used as material for Borobudur Temple the world’s biggest Buddhist temple. This material also used as a material in another temple such as Prambanan, Mendut and so many temples in Indonesia. Black Lava Stone has unique black color with small porosity, this makes Black Lava Stone which also knows as Batu Candi become very popular.

Black Lava Stone can be considered as the most natural kind of stone. Since this is natural, this kind of tile is great for flooring in any home carrying the natural beauty and texture of the stone. Black Lava Stone are originally coming from Indonesia and the Black Lava Stone have been widely used in several different countries. Considering the beauty and the durability of the stone, this is no wonder that lava stone has been popular all over the world.





Shades of green


Black Lava Stone Sawn Cut

Width (CM)


Length (CM)


Thickness (CM)



walls, submerged areas, dry sauna, wet sauna, box area, low traffic floor, internal and external coating.


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